Deep Learning Weekly - 🤖 - Issue #41: Nvidia's hardware, Google I/O, Medical ImageNet, Picasso

Howdy Folks,we once again dug through a week of articles, announcements, and news to bring you the la
May 18 · Issue #41 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Howdy Folks,
we once again dug through a week of articles, announcements, and news to bring you the latest hardware from Google and Nvidia, a new TensorFlow variant for mobile as well as DeepMinds retrospective on working with the NHS. Stanford announced a petabyte-scale medical image dataset, Picasso allows insights into your CNN and we found a well-written tutorial on how to write a Simpsons detector.
So enjoy your read, start coding or both!
We also want to thank everyone who shared and promoted our issue last week, your support is very much appreciated! 💪

NVIDIA Accelerates AI, Launches Volta, DGX Workstation, Robot Simulator & More
Build and train machine learning models on our new Google Cloud TPUs
What we've learned so far...
Applying Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Our Early Results
Simpsons Detector
Second Place Solution for the 2017 National Datascience Bowl
Libraries & Code
Google’s TensorFlow Lite brings machine learning to Android devices
Caffe2 adds 16 bit floating point training support on the NVIDIA Volta platform
Picasso: A free open-source visualizer for CNNs – merantix
Papers & Publications
Medical Image Net
Using Machine Learning to Explore Neural Network Architecture
Network Dissection
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