Deep Learning Weekly - 🤖 - Issue #51: ImageNet Challenges, Deep Learning and Neuroscience, Reinforcement Learning for Complex Goals, RAWGraphs & more

Hiya and welcome to another fun week in Deep Learning,This week we bring you ImageNet challenges host
August 4 · Issue #51 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hiya and welcome to another fun week in Deep Learning,
As always, happy reading, learning and hacking!

Artificial Intelligence at Salesforce: An Inside Look
What Is Ray Kurzweil Up to at Google? Writing Your Emails
ImageNet Object Localization Challenge | Kaggle
4 Counterpoints for Dr. Gary Marcus
[Book] Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python
Reinforcement Learning for Complex Goals, Using TensorFlow
Building a Music Recommender with Deep Learning
One Shot Learning with Siamese Networks in PyTorch
AI and Neuroscience: A Virtuous Circle | DeepMind
Theoretical Neuroscience and Deep Learning Theory
Deep Learning - The Straight Dope
Libraries & Code
Caffe2 Adds RNN Support
TensorFire: Blazing-fast Neural Networks in the Browser
Papers & Publications
Natural Language Processing with Small Feed-Forward Networks
Self-organized Hierarchical Softmax
Learning to Infer Graphics Programs from Hand-Drawn Images
CharManteau: Character Embedding Models For Portmanteau Creation
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