Deep Learning Weekly - 🤖 - Issue #57: Unsupervised Learning, Brain AMA, Video Object Segmentation, Tensorboard Plugins, API security and more...

Hi and welcome to a new week in deep learning,In this issue, we bring you Google Brains latest AMA, t
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Deep Learning Weekly
Hi and welcome to a new week in deep learning,
In this issue, we bring you Google Brains latest AMA, take a look at the current state of unsupervised learning, get you started on video object segmentation and try to detect malicious API requests. Furthermore, an extensive survey on music generation using deep learning was released, has announced the use of Pytorch in upcoming courses and Tensorflow now offers a plugin based system for their Tensorboard visualizations.
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In search of the missing signals
We are the Google Brain team. We’d love to answer your questions (again)
AI can liberate humans to lead happier lives, if we get it right
Video Object Segmentation — The Basics – Eddie Smolyansky – Medium
Detecting Malicious Requests with Keras & Tensorflow
Libraries & Code
Introducing Pytorch for
GitHub - fyu/drn: Dilated Residual Networks
Build your own Machine Learning Visualizations with the new TensorBoard API
Papers & Publications
Deep Learning Techniques for Music Generation - A Survey
NIPS 2017 - Accepted Papers
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