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Deep Learning Weekly - 🤖 - Issue #63: Hey Siri DNN, Capsules, Visual Evolution Strategies, Unit Tests and more...

Hey Folks,this week we bring you a new tool from Google, take a look at Chinas Social Credit System,
October 30 · Issue #63 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hey Folks,
this week we bring you a new tool from Google, take a look at Chinas Social Credit System, peek into the “Hey Siri” detector and check out the state of the art in self-driving cars. We then move to a great visual guide to evolution strategies, inspect the equations governing differentiable neural computers, revisit the old AI tank legend and learn how to unit test machine learning code.
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Colaboratory – Google Docs for Jupyter Notebooks
Big Data Meets Big Brother as China Moves to Rate its Citizens
Hey Siri: An On-device DNN-powered Voice Trigger for Apple’s Personal Assistant
A Decade after DARPA: Our View on the State of the Art in Self-Driving Cars
Ever Wonder What A Rugged, Self-Contained AI Camera System Would Look Like? Here It Is. (sponsored)
A Visual Guide to Evolution Strategies
A bit-by-bit Guide to the Equations Governing Differentiable Neural Computers
The Neural Net Tank Urban Legend
Deep Learning Book Club
How to Unit Test Machine Learning Code
Libraries & Code
Papers & Publications
Dynamic Routing Between Capsules
A generative vision model that trains with high data efficiency and breaks text-based CAPTCHAs
Deep Reinforcement Learning: Framework, Applications, and Embedded Implementations
Progressive Growing of GANS for improved Quality, Stability and Variation
Efficient Processing of Deep Neural Networks: A Tutorial and Survey
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